DateTitle Speaker
02-Sep-21An insight to football clubs, personalities, the past and future David Milton
16-Sep-21Office of the Police and Crime CommisionerMick Harrison
07-Oct-21Brain Function and keeping it active (zoom mtg) Prof. Colin Terrell
21-Oct-21West Country Mining, the reality behind the myth Kenneth McKechnie
04-Nov-21The Long PaddleBrendon Prince 
18-Nov-21Winter Lunch (Provisional)
02-Dec-21Job of a laugh time Brad Ashton
16-Dec-21Quiz or other activity TBD 
06-Jan-22Medieval Glass of Exeter CathedralJohn Allan
20-Jan-22Exmouth Coast WatchHugh de Souza
03-Feb-22Exmouth Docks- The demise of a working PortAlan Humphries
17-Feb-22Zoom Talk (TBD)
03-Mar-22The Solomons – Disappearing IslandsAlex Leger
17-Mar-22The story of SidholmeNigel Hyman
07-Apr-22Island HoppingLucilla Phelps
21-Apr-22Wills, Powers of Attorney, IHT etc.Dan Pollard
05-May-22Zoom Talk (TBD)
19-May-22Chairman’s LunchRev David Arnott
02-Jun-22Exeter’s Polish 307 SquadronMichael Parrot
16-Jun-22The trials and tribulations of running a small farm and B&BJane East